GamerMuscle R3E on Oculus Rift DK2

Published - 22 Sep 2014

A few days ago Betta Lines reviewed the early implementation of Oculus Rift support in RaceRoom Racing Experience. Now also GamerMuscle had a look at how the Sector3 title behaves using the virtual Reality headset.

GamerMuscle was most impressed with the games performance during the DK2 test and thinks it might be possible for people with more moderate systems to enjoy the game with VR gear.

As pointed out in a previous post, Oculus Rift users will have to add “-vr” to the Launch Options (under Properties in your Steam game list). Set your VR headset as your primary display, and select the 1920×1080@75Hz resolution.

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RaceRoom Racing Experience – Sound like a Boss!

Published - 15 Sep 2014

Just after the newly formed Sector3 Studio released the latest update for RaceRoom Racing Experience, it seems that the free to play racing game is gaining interest and support of the community. Graphically the game is looking fine , and many users seem to enjoy the current physics.

However, the part where the game really shines is the audio. R3E is nothing more than breathtaking when it comes to in-game sounds. Both external and internal sound sets are top notch. Sounds have been the most underestimated part of a racing game in the last few years. The last few years most modern simulators did improve massively when it came to graphics, The sound, on the other hand has pretty much stayed the same for years. Sector3 Studios have raised the bar and recognized that the sound is a very important part of the overall immersion of a racer.

The internal R3E sounds are beautiful, but its the external sound-scape that raised the bar. 

No Simulator or Racing game out there comes close to the sound environment Sector3 have created for R3E. 

Davide744858 posted a video featuring the R3E BMW 134 Judd powered hill climb monster. This video is a good example of the superb audio that is featured in RaceRoom Racing Experience.

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RaceRoom Racing Experience – Test Race Videos

Published - 08 Sep 2014

Ahead of Simbin’s September 9 update for RaceRoom Racing Experience, the studio has released some extensive footage of their recent test race stream using the new version.

The videos show the new ADAC GT Masters content, one of the new additions coming to the free to play racer as well as proper single player AI, improved road surface feedback and more.

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One Car, One Track In Five Sims – Videos

Published - 07 Jul 2014

therealPaulaD has put together an interesting video, showing a popular car & track combo in five different simulations.

The video shows the Mclaren MP4-12C GT3 at Laguna Seca in rFactor 2, Project CARS, RaceRoom Racing Experience, SimRaceWay & Assetto Corsa.

Unlike other comparisons, the video does not use the splitscreen technique but shows the sims one after another.

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Multiplayer in DTM Experience – GamerMuscle Video

Published - 02 Jul 2014

VirtualR regular GamerMuscle has checked out the new multiplayer alpha functionality of Simbin’s RaceRoom Racing Experience title.

Simbin recently added the multiplayer functionality for DTM Experience owners with the latest patch.

Users of the original RaceRoom Experience free to play title will have to do some more waiting before they can join as work on the title’s UI needs to be completed first.

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R3E – Audi 90 IMSA Now Available

Published - 17 May 2014

Simbin has released the Audi 90 IMSA for their RaceRoom Racing Experience title.

The turbo-powered iconic sports car is the latest add-on car for the free to play racer, it can now be bought in the R3E store for 299 vRP.

The turbo-powered car had a short-lived but immensly successful run in the American IMSA series in the late 90s, capturing various race wins in the hands of icons such as Striezel Stuck.

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ADAC GT Masters Experience by Simbin – Announced

Published - 10 May 2014

Simbin has announced a new series license for their RaceRoom Racing Experience title as the German ADAC GT Masters series joins the title.

The ADAC GT Masters is Germany’s extremely successful take on GT3-spec racing, the series is a logical addition for RaceRoom Racing Experience as the title already contains the most popular GT3 cars.

Just like the DTM Experience title, ADAC GT Masters Experience won’t be available as a traditional boxed title but will integrate into Simbin’s RaceRoom Racing Experience free to play platform as additional content.

While the 2014 cars will be released later, Simbin’s launching free competitions with 2013-season vehicles to run alongside the real GT Masters races this season, Simbin will also be having a presence in the paddock of the real life ADAC GT Masters events.

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