Gran Turismo 6 – Update 1.13 Available

Published - 02 Oct 2014

Polyphony Digital has released a new update for their Gran Turismo 6 title.

The newest update for the Playstation 3 racer does not include any new content but brings plenty of bugfixes as listed below.


  • Fixed an issue where engine and other sound effects were not being played back correctly during online races.
  • Fixed an issue where the system would occasionally freeze when 2 or more cars with additional gauges were racing against each other during an online race.
  • Fixed an issue regarding the ability to download and play back replays from the Online Rankings board after entering an event.
  • Fixed an issue where the game could potentially freeze when attempting to view a replay of an online race from the Gallery menu.
  • Fixed an issue where the “Client” display systems could possibly freeze when using the Multi-Monitor function during an online race.

GT6 owners can update their installation by simply starting their Playstation 3 with the console connected to the internet.

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Gran Turismo 6 – Red Bull Ring Coming

Published - 20 Jun 2014

A new track is heading towards Gran Turismo 6 as the Red Bull Ring has been confirmed for Polyphony Digital’s console racer.

The Red Bull Ring is the newest version of Austrian’s legendary racing venue that started its life as the Österreichring.

Following a second life as the A1 Ring until 2004, the track is now called Red Bull Ring, hosting both the DTM and the Austrian Formula One Grand Prix starting this year.

Below are first previews of the track in Gran Turismo 6, the Red Bull Ring will be released as a free DLC.

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SRT – Gran Turismo 6 vs Forza 5

Published - 24 Feb 2014

Darin Gangi of InsideSimRacing has published a very interesting video, hosting a face-off between the two console heavyweights Forza Motorsport & Gran Turismo.

In the video, Darin takes the SRT Viper for a spin at Bathurst, comparing 17 different aspects to find out which title does it better.

Granted, every Forza vs. Gran Turismo comparison is a bit off these days, considering how the titles run on different generations of hardware. Still, it is an interesting comparison well worth to be checked out!

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Gran Turismo 6 – New Track Teaser Video

Published - 27 Jan 2014

A teaser video for an upcoming track addition to Polyphony Digital’s Gran Turismo 6 has surfaced.

The video shows a scenic mediteranian road in the popular Playstation 3 racer, the new track is understood to be made available in February.

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Toyota FT-1 Concept racing to Gran Turismo 6 tomorrow

Published - 14 Jan 2014

Toyota, Polyphony Digital and Sony today revealed that Toyota's slick new concept car, the FT-1 Concept, will be racing to Gran Turismo 6 as part of a free update/download tomorrow.

What's special about the FT-1 is that Toyota approached Polyphony Digital to utilize Gran Turismo 6 to help pitch the idea of the concept coupe to management before it was given the green light. And the rest was apparently history.

Check out the vehicle in action in a new trailer.

Toyota FT-1: 2014 Detroit Show trailer:

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GT6 Patch 1.02 “Christmas Update” Now Available: Red Bull X Challenge, Login Credit Bonus & More

Published - 19 Dec 2013

Gran Turismo 6 receives its first update outside the initial day one release patch. Weighing in 1255mb, this patch adds the Red Bull X Challenge allowing players to try out the newest Red Bull X concepts created in collaboration with F1 designer Adrian Newey. As opposed to the single concept presented in yearly updates through out GT5′s lifespan, we now get the Red Bull ‘X’ cars in three distinct flavors: X2014 Junior, X2014 Standard and X2014 Fancar. A surprising addition is the new Red Bull Racing Kart, which features design cues from its big brother prototypes.

The Red Bull X Challenge currently only has the first two events open; the Red Bull Kart Masters and the Red Bull X2014 Junior Championship. The events featuring the full sized X2014 Standard and Fancar will be made available at a later date.

Additionally, players that participated in the 2013 GT Academy Demo will receive Gran Turismo creator Kazunori Yamauchi’s GT-R Nismo GT3 N24 as a special gift for European players.

A few other changes to the game were also included in the form of smaller tweaks to features and credit payouts, with the Login Bonus from Gran Turismo 5 making a return. 

onsecutive Login Bonus
When you login online for consecutive days, a bonus to all credits awards will be added for each consecutive day: 110% for the 1st day, 130% for the 2nd day, 140% for the 3rd day and so on, until you will receive 200% bonus on the 5th day. Be sure to login every day to earn more credits!

Credits earned in Career Mode increased
The amount of credits earned in Career Mode have been increased. Rewards for Novice Class races have been raised to approximately 110%, for National B Class up to approx. 130%, for National A Class to approx. 140%, for International B Class to approx. 150%, for International A Class to approx. 160%, and for Super Class they have been raised to approximately 170%. This may give good incentive to go back and try some races you’ve already cleared!

Entry requirements for Seasonal Events lowered
The requirements to enter Seasonal Events have been changed. Now players will only require a National B Licence in order to participate (previously they needed a National A Licence). Following this Update and only for a limited time, there will be unique special events that will award cars as prizes, so don’t miss this opportunity, and remember to login online!

Bonus Events within Seasonal Events
From 20 December 2013 3:00AM GMT to 17 January 2014 3:00AM GMT the Seasonal Events will host a special bonus event. If you obtain a Gold award in all events, the credits reward will add up to 3,000,000 credits, and combined with the Consecutive Login Bonus, this can multiply to a maximum 6,000,000 credits!

Furthermore, a second bonus event is planned to be held from 2 January 2014 3:00AM GMT to 30 January 2014 3:00AM. Again, this event will allow you to win up to 6,000,000 credits when combined with the Consecutive Login Bonus, so if you participate in both special events you could earn up to 12,000,000 credits!

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Gran Turismo 6 Launches to Low Sales

Published - 15 Dec 2013

Gran Turismo 6 was released a week ago and, somewhat surprisingly, the newest edition of the massively-popular franchise has generated somewhat disappoint sales numbers.

In the past, Gran Turismo releases where among the biggest things to happen in the world of virtual driving as GT is/was considered to be the de-facto king of the genre, despite being confined to one single platform.

All in all, Gran Turismo has sold more than 60 million copies accross three generations of Playstation hardware with Gran Turismo 3 marking the franchises heyday at 14 million copies sold.

It looks like Gran Turismo 6 has a long way ahead to get to those numbers as first sales numbers suggest the title is only selling 1/5 of what Gran Turismo 5 has sold during its launch period.

As Eurogamer reports, GT6 only ended up being the 8th most selling title in the UK, despite being the only major release that week. While the numbers are a bit distorted by the fact that digital sales via Playstation Network aren’t being accounted for, it is pretty safe to assume that the new title is pretty far off the numbers generated by its predecessors.

The low interest in GT6 could be due to various reasons. In hindsight, the decision to release the title for the aging Playstation 3 platform may have hurt sales as the Playstation 4 launch has generated a lot of hype for new platform. Other factors may be the long-running shortcomings of the GT series, especially the title’s subpar audio experience.

Another theory is that time is just catching up with the Gran Turismo franchise. After all, Gran Turismo still follows the core gameplay concept that was first introduced in the mid-90s, a concept that is based on doing random races to earn money and collect cars. While this gameplay experience has helped Gran Turismo to become a dominant force in the world of virtual racing, many players seem to be growing tired of the trusted routines.

It will be exciting to see if GT6′s numbers rebound during the next few months and if not, which consequences Polyphony Digital will draw from this. The plans of having a GT title for the Playstation 4 ready wihtin 2014 might indicate that the studio is working on leaving the trusted PS3 platform behind rather sooner than later.

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GT6 vs. Assetto Corsa – Silverstone Comparison

Published - 09 Dec 2013

AdrianF1ESP has put together a neat comparison of Gran Turismo 6 & Assetto Corsa.

Both titles were released yesterday with the newest Assetto Corsa update introducing the Silverstone Grand Prix layout. The video shows a lap at Silverstone in both titles using the KTM X-Bow.

Can AC keep up with the console heavyweight? Does GT6 compare well to AC’s physics? Check it out for yourself below!

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Gran Turismo 6 – Now Available!

Published - 08 Dec 2013

Polyphony Digital has released their Gran Turismo 6 title as the new Playstation 3 title is now available worldwide.

GT6 is the final installment of the popular franchise on the Playstation 3, featuring 1200 cars, 150 of which will be new to Gran Turismo.

GT6 will also come with 33 tracks, with seven locations being all-new including Silverstone, the home of Nissan’s GT Academy competition, Brands Hatch, Bathurst, the Ascari Race Resort and the Goodwood Festival of Speed Hillclimb.

A full list of all cars included in Gran Turismo 6 can be found here.

Aside from being available in stores, Gran Turismo 6 can also be downloaded off the Playstation Store, coming as a 15GB download.

Below is the title’s impressive intro video & first hour of gameplay courtesy of SRT for you to enjoy.

As the title is being launched, a first patch for the new game is already available, coming with the following changes:

Official patch v1.01 – 1207 MB

Vision GT has been added to the home screen.
Mercedes-Benz AMG Vision Gran Turismo is available as a gift car.
Online part has been modified on the home screen. 1.00 had 4 available online modes. Community, Open lobby, Quick Match and Seasonal events. In the 1.01 patch there is only Open lobby and Seasonal events in the online section on the home screen
GT game server is now online in Europe.
Car tuning menus has been updater to expand/collapse function.
Freshman Cup added to National B mode.
Gornergrat League added to National A mode.
Status screen has an updated layout.
Tyre type fitted to car is now displayed in lower left corner of race display when driving.

Setting limits for car tuning has been altered.
Deltawing added to the dealership
Prize cars added to various events. Open the event again to receive your prize if event is golded pre 1.01 patch.
Target times for some licence tests and “coffe break” events has been altered.
Tyre sound has been altered.
Online events are open for participants withInternational A licence or higher

With the title being released, the pricing for the somewhat controversial in-game credit packs have revealed as well. Players can buy a shortcut to their most sought-after cars in Gran Turismo 6 as 500.000 credits are available for 4.99€, a million credits sell for 9.99 and a whopping 7 million credits is available for 49.99€.

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Gran Turismo 6 – Full Nordschleife Lap Video

Published - 06 Dec 2013

Gran Turismo 6 is now just three days away from being released and below’s more video footage to keep everyone occupied until then.

The video shows a complete lap around what’s arguably one of the title’s most important tracks – The Nürburgring Nordschleife.

Gran Turismo 6 will come to the Playstation 3 starting December 6. featuring 1200 cars, 150 of which will be new to Gran Turismo.

As announced by Kazunori Yamauchi, the distinction between standard & premium models will remain, the cars ported over from Gran Turismo 4 will be slightly touched up to fit the new title better.

GT6 will also come with 33 tracks, with seven locations being all-new including Silverstone, the home of Nissan’s GT Academy competition.

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