FIA GT3 for rFactor 2 – Mercedes SLS Coming Up

Published - 30 Dec 2013

Team Apex Modding has released new previews of their FIA GT3 mod for rFactor 2.

The new previews show a full grid of Mercedes SLS AMG GT3 cars, Mercedes’ GT3-class challenger is the mod’s first car in line to be released.

Right now, the team is busy doing the final tweaking, until then you can check out plenty of new previews below.

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F1 Classics by Mak Corp – First Beta Released

Published - 24 Dec 2013

Mak Corp has released a first beta of their ambitious F1 Classics mod project for rFactor 2.

The F1 Classics mod will bring cars from several Formula One seasons to rFactor 2, including the 90s, 80s and some vintage cars from early F1 seasons.

The first beta includes two cars, the Ford-powered Mclaren MP4/8 from the 1993 F1 season as well as its successor, the Peugeot-powered MP4/9.

Also included are different tire compounds as well as rain tires, chassis flex is being simulated as well, using rF2′s latest tech.

Download F1 Classics by Mak Corp Beta Here

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Lola T280 UH1 for rFactor 2 – Update Released

Published - 16 Dec 2013

Two weeks ago, Pixsim released a new version of their popular Lola T280 UH1 mod for rFactor 2.

Now, an update for the mod has been released, adding some small new features such as full night lighting as you can see in the preview below.

The download below includes a new vehicle package, make sure to have the other files from the mod’s recent release installed before using it.

Download Lola T280 UH1 for rFactor 2 1.3 Here

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Bahrain for rFactor 2 – Wet Weather Previews

Published - 11 Dec 2013

McNolo has released lots of new previews of his Bahrain International track for rFactor 2.

The new previews show off the finished wet weather reflections, one of the track’s brand new features.

Designed by Herman Tilke, Bahrain International is 5.4 kilometer track that has hosted the first ever Formula One Grand Prix in the Middle East, it has been a F1 venue since 2004.

The GP layout includes 15 turns and three high-speed straights. Besides Formula One, the track has hosted the FIA GT, Australian V8 Supercars as well as its own 24 hour race in 2006.

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rFactor 2 – Norschleife 0.97N Released

Published - 01 Dec 2013

pleclair has released a new version of his constantly-improving Nürburgring Nordschleife for rFactor 2.

Based on Com8′s version for rFactor 2, pleclair has been improving the track steadily during the past few months, allowing everyone to expeirence the latest progress with regular releases of new versions.

Below is the newest release and a video of the current status for everyone to enjoy!

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Lola T280 UH1 for rFactor 2 – New Previews

Published - 31 Oct 2013

Pixsim has released new previews of the next and last update for their Lola T280 mod for rFactor 2.

The new version of the popular mod will bring several improvements such as driver animations, improved sounds and templates that will allow users to paint up their own designs.

The T280 was build to the Group 6 regulations for sports prototypes, the car is powered by a 3 liter Cosworth DFV engine, delivering 450hp.

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1991 Group C for rFactor 2 – Porsche 962 Previews

Published - 15 Oct 2013

Mak Corp has released plenty of previews of the next addition to their 1991 Group C mod for rFactor 2 – The Porsche 962C.

The famous German Group C racer will join the mod as its second car alongside the Mazda 787B that is already available for sim racers to test and report feedback on.

The 962C was the last installment of the extremely successful Porsche 956/962 that flat-out dominated Group C racing at both sides of the pond all the way through the 80s.

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rFactor 2 – Howston HG4 & HG6 Released

Published - 26 Sep 2013

Image Space Incorporated has released the newest add-on content for rFactor 2 – The Howston H4 & H6.

Based on the iconic Lola T70 sports car racing prototype, the Howston brings the spirit of 60s endurance racing to rFactor 2.

The car is available both as open-top & closed cockpit version, coming in several configurations each that differ in terms of power, downforce and other details.

Download Howston HG4 & HG6 for rFactor 2 Here

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Korea Circuit for rFactor – New Video

Published - 09 Sep 2013

macci dESIGN has released a preview video of his Korea Circuit 2012 for rFactor, showing a lap around the Korean F1 venue.

The track will be available for download starting September 30.

Located 400 kilometers outside of Seoul, the Korea International Circuit hosts South Korea’s Formula One Grand Prix since 2010. Designed by Hermann Tielke, the 5.6 kilometer track consists of 17 corners and accommodates 135.000 spectators.

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rFactor 2 – Build 298 & New Demo Available

Published - 07 Sep 2013

Image Space Incorporated has released a new build of their rFactor 2 simulation.

The new build comes with plenty of improvements as listed below, including improved graphics performance and a new constraint system for the physics engine that will allow more accurate simulation of details such as suspension geometry & wheel rates.

The upcoming Howson historical cars will be the first to use the new physics features with existing cars being updated later on.

The new build is available for download below, coming either as full content or light version, an updated demo version is available as well.

Added “FuelLevelDigit*” to cockpitinfo.ini.
Changed when the low fuel warning comes on.
Work-in-progress on restoring vehicle state upon race rejoins (server optional).
Added new constraint system that supports chassis flex and more. Not 100% ready for primetime yet.
Removed “hand held” functionality from cameras when cycling through cameras in spectator mode.

Made some improvements to reflection mapping.

Improved default tracking cam values.
Implemented a “clear all cheat values” for a specific path because the old way required selecting all waypoints to be cleared first.
Added option to only show selected camera’s activation zones.

Fixed bug where uninstalled components were polluting inventory during loading.
Fixed memory leak.
Fixed some ttool problems when writing out TGM files.
Fixed random message box spam during recon lap.
Removed FlushPreviousFrame option from plr file to eliminate confusion, this param was moved to config.ini a year ago.
Added fail-safe to make sure pit exit eventually turns green in race.
Prevent pit exit from getting stuck at red during an early safety car.
Fixed client confusion when restarting weekend after another client has left a race.
Fixed a bug with incorrect use of bloom in showroom.
Fixed a problem with track bar geometry introduced a while back (doesn’t affect any current ISI content).

Probable fix for multiplayer AI cars parking in wrong pit spots and blocking garages.
Fixed AI chatting in response to contact (apology or anger depending on perceived fault).

Now uses a single port for simulation data. +port is the command line option. Simulation port in multiplayer.ini.
Can now run server and client on the same machine.

Click here to download

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