iRacing Dallara DW12 Released + iRacing Indy 500 info

Published - 20 May 2014

iRacing already announced that the Dallara DW12 IndyCar would be released in time for the 98th running of the Indianapolis 500. So now its finally here. This release will bring you the oval track version, while the road aero version will be released together with the Season 3 build. Next to the real Indy 500 event, will also host its annual virtual iRacing Indy 500 race marking the Dallara DW12 competition debut.

The Dallara DW12 IndyCar is now available for $11.95. Another interesting fact is that anyone who purchased the Dallara IR03/05 in the past 90 days will automatically have a $6 credit applied to their account to use whenever and on whatever they choose.

In the included video iRacing member RyanL83 does a few laps in the new Dallara DW12 while reviewing the car.

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Published - 26 Apr 2014

The release of iRacing’s newest season build has added the Circuit of the Americas to the online racing simulation and FTRRacingTv has taken a close look at it in a new reality check video.

Located near Austin, Texas, COTA is the new home of the United States Formula One Grand Prix. Aside from F1, the track has hosted other major racing series like the World Endurance Championship and the Tudor Sports Car Championship.

The 5.5 kilometer track layout designed by Hermann Tilke has been getting rave reviews from drivers, featuring many challenging corners & elevation changes.

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Published - 22 Apr 2014

iRacing will be introducing a neat little feature as part of the upcoming new build – Paintable wheels.

The new addition to iRacing’s built-in livery editor does not just allow subscribers to pick a wheel color to go along with their custom livery, players can also choose whether or not the wheels should have a matte or chrome finish.

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BMW Z4 GT3 for iRacing – SRT Video

Published - 07 Apr 2014

Darin Gangi of InsideSimRacing has gotten his hands on a pre-release version of iRacing’s upcoming BMW Z4 GT3.

The video below shows Darin, taking a comprehensive test run with the car at Zolder as Darin shares his innital impressions.

The BMW Z4 GT3 is expected to become available for purchase for iRacing subscribers at the end of the month.

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Published - 12 Feb 2014

iRacing has released an update for their online racing simulation, addressing various small issues within the simulation.

The update also comes with plenty of physcis changes as listed below:


Account Recharging

- Moved the minimum member recharge and gift recharge iRacing dollars (not credits) to another member from $5 to $1 at member request. Gift Card minimum still at $5.

Hosted Sessions

- Bumped the maximum number of cars allowed for hosted sessions from 4 cars to 5 cars.


- Improved tire stability while in the garage.

Lucky Dog

- The spotter knows how to talk about the lucky dog now:
· The moment you get issued the lucky dog, the spotter will say “You are the Lucky Dog, get your lap back by passing the field on the outside.”
· The moment someone else gets issued the lucky dog, the spotter will say “Car N got the Lucky Dog, let them by on the outside.”
· When the lucky dog end-of-line is issued to you as you take the two-to-go, the spotter will say “Because you’re the Lucky Dog you will be held at the end of the longest line.”

- We now delay issuing the Lucky Dog end-of-line penalty until the LD driver takes the TWO TO GREEN start/finish crossing.

- Fix a bug that would cause the very last lucky dog candidate to not be included when sorting candidates into priority order, which meant that if that very last lap down driver was the one who was supposed to get the lucky dog, they wouldn’t!

- Fix a bug where scheduling hosted sessions with lucky dog cautions could end up having no cautions at all instead.

iRating Scoring

- Fixed a bug that was causing drivers to gain or lose too much iRating when there are drivers entered in the race who did not start.

Chevrolet Monte Carlo SS

- Expand spring range.

- Expand cross-weight range.

Chevrolet National Impala

- Had a wrong texture assignment for when the rear of the car was both dirty and damaged.

Dallara IndyCar

- Use more throttle for downshift blipping to fix the problem where downshifts could hang in neutral.

- Updated damage thresholds.

Ford Mustang FR500S

- Expand brake bias range.

- Expand rear ride height range.

McLaren MP4-12C GT3

- Use more throttle for downshift blipping to fix the problem where downshifts could hang in neutral.

- New baseline, low, med and high downforce setups.

- More low end torque to help burnouts.

- Fuel and diff preload limits adjusted.
Ruf RT 12R Track

- Use more throttle for downshift blipping to fix the problem where downshifts could hang in neutral.

- Expand tire pressure range to match other GT cars on v5 tires.

Star Mazda

- Updated damage thresholds.

Super Late Model

- Expand spring range.

- Expand cross-weight range.

- The rear spoiler can now be painted.

Centripetal Circuit

- Fix pit stall definition error that was preventing cars without starter motors from be started by their pit crew.

Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps

- Fix problems at the Endurance config with cameras, race control and F3 black box not behaving correctly.

Road Atlanta

- TV cameras were not adjusted properly for Short config.

n related news, iRacing has kicked off a new tutorial video series on Youtube, introducing new sim racers into the world of virtual racing.

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Published - 06 Feb 2014

Sim racing video maker stabiz has put together a new iRacing reality check video, using the newly-released Ruf RT-12R race car.

The video shows a lap around Interlagos in both the semi-fictional Ruf race car and the very similar Porsche 997 GT3 race car.

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Published - 30 Jan 2014 has released a new build of their online racing simulation.

Alongside the many changes and improvements listed in the release notes below, the new build introduces a brand new car – The Super Late Model stock car.

Owners of the Ruf RT12 will be pleased as well as the AWD version of the German sports car has been released with the build aswell, coming free for all owners of the Ruf.

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Published - 23 Jan 2014 has released a new preview video of the Ruf Rt 12R that is due to be added to their online racing simulation.

The video shows both the AWD & RWD versions of the car, coming with more than 700hp.

The AWD version is due to be released before the end of January, all four versions of the Rt 12R will be included in one purchase of the car.

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Published - 21 Dec 2013

iRacing has confirmed a new addition to their online racing simulation as the Holden VF Commodore has been announced.

The Commodore is the second V8 Supercar to join iRacing, following the Ford Falcon that has been available for several years. iRacing expects the car to be available in mid-2014.

The V8 Supercar will be a perfect fit for iRacing’s expanding Australian content, including Phillip Island, Oran Park and, most recently, Bathurst.

Speaking of the latter, iRacing has released a making off video of their Mount Panorama version that you can watch below.

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Published - 24 Nov 2013 has released a new video trailer of their online racing simulation, sneaking some short video footage of the upcoming Ruf sports car into it.

The Ruf sports cars make an appearance at the 0:30 second mark as well as at 1:35 in the video below.

Founded by Alois Ruf in 1938, RUF is a German car manufacturer. The company is best known for building cars that are based on Porsche models, since RUF is building their own branded cars and is registered as manufacturer instead of being a mere tuner, game companies can license their cars separately from Porsche.

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