Game Stock Car Extreme – Version 1.20 Update

01 Aug 2014

Reiza Studios have released a new progress update on the planned 1.20 version release of their Game Stock Car Extreme title.

We have been observing a lot of understandable anxiety regarding the release of GSCE v1.20, so we feel it would help if we clarify the reasons for these delays and what the situation is now.

As you probably know, along with all the new cars and tracks we have also been developing several new functionalities for GSCE – these involve some heavy-duty programming, and that side of things has been concentrated on the hands of one very special guy. Unfortunately this very special guy has had a serious run of bad luck over the last 2-3 months, which have meant we have been effectively 2 weeks worth of coding work away from having all the necessary v1.20 functionalities in beta state throughout this time.

This predicament has not only kept us stuck during this time, but also prevented us from making any realistic prediction as to when we´d effectively be done with v1.20.

The good news is that “the man” has been back in full force so we´re effectively running through those remaining 2 weeks of development since last week, and everything is pretty far along now.

We fully understand the anxiety – rest assured no one is more anxious to get this out than ourselves.

Version 1.20 of Game Stock Car Extreme will introduce the Formula Extreme, Reiza’s fictional take on the 2014 Formula One rule set as well as the nimble Formula Vee.

Furthermore, players will also get their hands on two more brand new tracks as both Buenos Aires and the Austrian Spielberg track will be part of the release.

More info on Game Stock Car Extreme can be found on the official website.

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