In-car Data Recording to GT6 connectivity

Published - 16 Dec 2014

The car world is embracing connectivity between the track and simulator racing. In an early post we showed the Motec data analysis module which can be downloaded.

Nissan Connect NISMO Plus, a new connected service for GT-R NISMO owners, bridges virtual track driving data to be visualized in virtual world -- on GranTurismo 6 and smart phones.

Similar to the GPS Data Visualizer feature designed to work with a special version of the Toyota 86, NISMO Connect records telemetry and GPS location data from the car and then uses it to reproduce the laps inside the game’s environment (note the data can also be used by the NISMO Connect mobile app, as shown in the video, although this app is not associated with GT6).

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Oculus Rift -iRacing vs Project Cars vs Assetto Corso

Published - 14 Dec 2014

iRacing has forged a avid base of users.  Given the heritage of the guys behind iRacing we could expect them to be early to tech like Oculus Rift.  

This video gives a balanced comparison between iRacing vs Assetto Corso vs Project Cars.  Given P Cars is still in development with a release March next year its giving a good showing.

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Fanatech Porsche 918 wheel review

Published - 12 Dec 2014

Drift TV a YouTube channel has released a lengthy video review of the Fanatech Porsche 918 wheel.

Check the video out for a tour of the new wheel.

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Oculus Rift Demo with Project Cars

Published - 10 Dec 2014

When 3D TV's came on the scene it was touted as the next big thing. I tried Sony's PlayStation PS3 / 3D TV but it did not make me go out and invest. In contrast the Oculus Rift Virtual Reality headset is truly a "game changer". The DK2 is software development platform at present but is coming as a consumer product, allegedly in 2015.

The company which successfully launched on Kickstarter pulling in millions was then brought by FaceBook for $2bn. So they can't be short of cash. 

Check out the first impressions by Gamermuscle. SimRoom will offer a complete "ready to drive" package based around the Oculus Rift. If you would like to be specifically informed on the development drop us a email

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Gran Turismo 6 Motec Data Analysis

Published - 08 Dec 2014

If your into the finer points of tuning your driving performance then you will know of MoTeC. MoTeC has evolved into an international force in aftermarket automotive electronics, attracting the support of many top teams in race and rally.
Gran Turismo 6 title (with the latest update) supports Motec’s i2 software. Motec i2 professional-grade Data Analysis software allows GT6 racers to analyse a broad selection of driving data & telemetry to improve their lap times or work on their setups.

The Motec i2 software is available for free download and can be made to work with Gran Turismo 6 in three easy steps:

1. Download Motec i2 for Windows

2. Choose “Export Data for MoTeC i2 Pro” in Gran Turismo 6’s Replay Gallery and export a replay of your choice onto a USB stick.

3. Load the created data file into Motec i2 and start analyzing. 

Thanks for the tip from Jordan at GTPlanet. (VisionRacer VR3 driver).

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Thrustmaster Wheel Comparison for PS4 Xbox One

Published - 06 Dec 2014

With PlayStation 4 becoming more popular with Gran Turismo 6 we get a few questions over which wheel is compatible. Thrustmaster is the officially licensed wheel partner (at this point). We have loaded a wheel comparison guide for Thrustmaster. Note the Thrustmaster T500 RS is compatible but does not have the PS4 controller function buttons.

Click the image to enlarge

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Another VisionRacer VR3 Driver Scores Podium

Published - 05 Dec 2014

Congratulations to Mitch Evans with his 3rd position in the Abu Dhabi GP2, the last race of the season. Mitch came 4th overall in the season.

The photo shows Mitch at a Playstation Charity event.

He was thrashing Greg Murphy, (V8 Supercar driver) at the time of this photo. Both Mitch and Greg have VisionRacer systems

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iRacing VF Holden

Published - 18 Nov 2014

IRacing has recently released a render of a Holden Super V8 car first mentioned back almost a year ago.

The iconic Bathurst track is the home of the Aussie V8's which started life as a 1000km dash by all types of cars in the early days.  Holden's and Fords dominate with Merc's now in and Volvo's back again. 

Check out the teaser video.

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Lucas Ordoñez First Super GT Victory in Thailand

Published - 18 Nov 2014

The first GT Academy champion Lucas Ordoñez (and VisionRacer VR3 owner driver) scored his first Super GT victory in the series’ latest round at Thailand’s Chang International Circuit last weekend. Lucas and his teammate Kazuki Hoshino held off highly experienced driver Jorg Müller in the Studie BMW Z4 GT3 car.

“My first victory in Super GT, it’s an amazing feeling,” said Lucas after the race. “We thought we had a good pace for this track, with the layout and testing in the simulators, but our concern was the tire management and the heat. It has been the hottest race by far – a lot more than Malaysia – and Yokohama did a great job. The GT-R we drove today was fantastic, and really fun to drive.”

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VisionRacer VR3 LCD TV Swivel Adapter

Published - 15 Nov 2014

Over the life of SimRoom we have developed a few upgrades and changes to the VisionRacer VR3 range.  When we started life when the Logitech G25 was the "wow" wheel.  I still have one.

So we intended to go through each product and lay out what it does (maybe obvious) or if it's compatible with the VR3 MKI or the VR3 MKII.  (The MKI was made specifically to accommodate the G25 / G27 so have a welded on wheel plate and Side accessories mount.)

This post is about the VR3 LCD stand “Swivel mount adapter”.  We had a number of clients who lived in apartments where space is a premium.  They did not have the space to have a VR sitting into the room in front of the family TV.  A guy from Hong Kong put it to us to solve the problem so he could enjoy sim driving and keep the wife happy.  The proposition went along the lines of… “My wife will allow me to buy a new TV stand. I have selected the VisionRacer VR3 to be the most beautiful TV stand in the world.  Please make this happen…..” 

Our solution was to design a simple but effective solution.  An upgrade connector to the standard plastic item with a metal connector.  This has slots with locking screw handles.  The VR3 is placed against the wall and the TV is swivelled into the room for family time.  Then turned back 90 degrees to become the sim racing screen. 

Problem solved ….. everyone is happy.

Here is a video which shows the transition from sim to the partners program.

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